Visjou is a start-up company founded in 2012 by the husband and wife team of Anthony Sjostrom and Amanda Codina.  Anthony and Amanda are passionate about travel, so when time and finances allow, they love to get out and explore the world around them. It was during the planning phase of the couple’s first European trip together, a 60th Birthday celebration for Amanda’s mother, that the duo first identified a significant gap in the market. Amanda, in preparation for their upcoming travels, had set out to find what would be appropriate, efficient, and stylish to pack and wear while on their Emerald Isle Vacation. To both Amanda and Tony’s surprise her search came up empty handed. This same scenario repeated itself yet again, when two years later, the couple found themselves about to embark on another European Vacation. Shocked that this gap still existed in the marketplace Anthony and Amanda decided to get to work on building a company that would fulfill this need. Thus Visjou, which stands for visual journey, was created. Visjou is a social based community where people who are passionate about fashion and have a love for travel come together to create Lookbooks based on what they would recommend others pack and wear while traveling to locations across the globe. It is our hope that Visjou will become a crucial and yet enjoyable resource in everyone’s trip planning process.