Why use Visjou

Have you ever wondered what to pack that would be stylish, efficient, and effective for an upcoming trip? Or, given the opportunity to travel to a specific location again, have a recommendation of the ideal items you would take with you?

Visjou answers these questions with member created Lookbooks that are designed, shared, and stored on our social website.

What you will need

To get started creating you'll first need to install our “Pack It” bookmarklet. Once installed, the "Pack It" button will allow you to grab any image from the web for placement in your Visjou Lookbooks.

Follow these instructions to install your Pack It button now.

What you will do

Using the Visjou Lookbook editor, create Lookbooks by placing your packed images into the Lookbook templates. Follow the guidance provided within the Lookbook editor by clicking the blue question mark.

Get Social

Visjou members have the added benefit of connecting with each other.

  • Follow those whose travels and style resonate with you
  • Favorite specific Lookbooks you love and would like to reference for future planning and creating purposes
  • Comment directly with other Visjou members within their Lookbooks
  • Share your Visjou Lookbooks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.